About Ironbark Training

Ironbark Training is governed by the Australian National Vocational Education and Training (VET) Regulator. As such, we are subject to audit against the Standards of the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011.

Ironbark Training is an Indigenous business with Supply National and NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce registration.

Dave Joyce is a proud descendent of the Kamilaroi nation of Northern NSW.

Our clients cover a range of business enterprises throughout Australia that wish to upgrade or ensure their workforce is competent and qualified to carry out their duties.

Ironbark Training was established to be responsive to industries’ unmet needs for training that is more relevant and that produces results directly beneficial to the employer. Our size and structure allow us greater flexibility to focus on customised training systems meeting the requirements of each enterprise, as well as adapting teaching methods that maximise each learner’s achievements.

Vision statement:

“Ironbark Training will be recognised as Australia’s premier provider for infrastructure and resources training.”

Mission statement:

To become the preferred provider of customised training to the infrastructure and resource industries through:

  • The development and delivery of quality training and assessment.
  • A consistently high standard of service delivery and outcomes.
  • Assisting Government and Industry to meet Indigenous procurement targets.
  • Work with Industry to package and deliver training aligned with

JobTrainer and other government employment policies