Heavy Rigid Vehicle (HR)


Heavy Rigid vehicle licence.

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Delivery Location(s)

Face-to-Face training will be conducted At Ironbark Training facilities. Specifically

15 Moorong St Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

Course Duration

This program is completed over a 1-day period.

Unit Descriptor

This skillset reflects the roles of individuals in broader logistics roles. Typically, these individuals work independently or as part of a team under direct and/or indirect supervision, use discretion and judgement, and take responsibility for the quality of their outputs within their logistics roles.

This course involves the skills and knowledge required to obtain a licence to drive a heavy rigid vehicle. It includes systematically and efficiently controlling all vehicle functions, monitoring traffic and road conditions, managing vehicle condition and performance, and effectively managing hazardous situations.

Heavy rigid vehicle includes:

  • a rigid vehicle, not being an unladen prime mover, with a minimum of three axles and a minimum 15 tonnes GVM or
  • a modified three axle prime mover with a certified detachable tray (with capacity to carry 75% of its specified GVM) with a GVM of 15 tonnes and holds dual registration (HC & HR) or
  • a three axle articulated bus or
  • a three axle bus above 15 tonnes GVM.

Assessment of this unit will be undertaken within a licensing examination conducted by, or under the authority of, the relevant state/territory driver licensing authority.

This unit applies to driving that is carried out in accordance with relevant state/territory driver licensing authority licence requirements and regulations for heavy rigid vehicles.

Driving is performed with limited or minimum supervision, and with limited accountability and responsibility for self and others in achieving the prescribed outcomes.

Driving involves the application of routine vehicle driving principles and procedures to maintain safety and to operate a heavy rigid vehicle across a variety of driving contexts.

The primary legislative requirements applicable to this unit of competency are state/territory legislation in relation to road use and driver licensing.

This unit addresses the knowledge and skills necessary for the granting of a Heavy Rigid Driver Licence.

Being awarded this unit of competency is a necessary requirement to obtain a Heavy Rigid Driver Licence but is only one of several criteria. Prospective licence applicants should check with the state/territory driver licensing authority for other criteria (such as licence tenure and medical fitness) to confirm other eligibility requirements before undertaking training and/or assessment.

Pre-requisites and Licensing / Regulatory Information

You must have held a Car Licence (or higher) provisional, probationary or open for at least two years.

Delivery Mode: Face to Face

Cost: $1750.00

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